Anaesthetic cart double

Due to its versatility, the cart is applied amongst others as a birthing cart or for the anesthetist in cardiac theatre or for the perfusionist equipment in cardiac theatre.


Code: 16

Q22 double storage cart with lockable roll fronts, 4 x 100 mm castors. Including the following recommended components: 2 x AD1 drawers, 4 x AD2 drawers, 2 x AD3 drawers, 36 x Sub-container dividers, 18 x Sub-container Long, 10 x Sub-container Medium, 6 x Sub-container Short and 2 x Protective Tops.

Size: 1270 mm (W) x 860 mm (H) x 610 mm (D)


  • Used as birthing and anesthetic cart.

Cleaning: To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine based chemical.

Optional components: i.e. drawers, wooden shelf, sub containers, top and bottom roller doors, protective tops, castors and bumpers are available on request.