Clean air light plenum incl. calp light and diffuser

To facilitate clean air into an operating theatre as well as a dimmed light feature.

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Code: 349-11-00A

A fibre glass pre-fabrication which includes the CALP light and diffuser.

CALP LIGHT AND DIFFUSER    CODE: 349-12-00A   Order Item


  • The fibre glass moulding  can be installed by the builder during the initial building process.
  • The fibre glass moulding could be installed into an existing concrete slab where a calp unit was previously installed (Ref 349-220-00A).
  • It can also be used as a suspended unit from a steel structure if no slab is available (Ref 349-200-00 + Ref 349-11-00).

Cleaning: To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine based chemical.

For installation details, please contact Medical Innovations on +27 (0)21 851 8484