M400 Operating Table

The M400 is a mobile, battery powered, electro/hydraulic multi- disciplinary operating table. With the standard leg (solid one piece) and head section, this five-section table provides flexibility, easy of use and articulated positioning of the patient for most known major surgical procedures. As an alternative, a split (two piece) leg section can be opted for which will adapt the table to a six-section table for even more flexibility.


Code: M400-F

Adaptable to any surgical procedure

  • The M400 is a five section table to provide facilities for General Surgery, including Cardiac, Dental, ENT, Gynecology, Urology, Maxilla Facial, Ophthalmology, Thoracic and Bariatric surgery. The M400 also allows for intra-operative radiography using a C-arm intensifier.
  • The M400 has five electro/hydraulic automated functions, i.e. Height, Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt, Seat Section, and Sacral Section functions. The five section tabletop provides excellent flexibility in terms of patient positioning for all the various surgical procedures.
  • All automated functions are operated via a simple to use, self- explanatory corded handset.
  • A ‘Head End’ orientation button is also provided on the corded handset to reverse the button functions, i.e. Trendelenburg and Lateral Tilt, when the patient is positioned in reverse configuration.
  • The standard head and leg sections are manually adjustable.
  • An optional foot control is available which can be programmed to activate two automated functions at the same time for easy positioning of the tabletop, i.e. ‘chair position’. The foot control is used in addition to the corded handset and it is inserted into the dedicated socket on the column keypad.
  • The tabletop sections are radiolucent. • The position of the table column to the tabletop makes it possible to position the patient for X-ray access to any part of the body including the chest and abdomen. This feature makes the M400 operating table ideal for ERCP, Oesophageal Stenting and Cervical Spine Fusion procedures.
  • The M400 automated functions are powered by internal rechargeable batteries.
  • The mobile base of the M400 is equipped with multidirectional castors, making it easy to move and rotate the table in any direction required.

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