Theatre control panel – TCP

To provide services and alarms in operating theatre.

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An integrated theatre control system.

An integrated theatre control system  which includes the following standard services:
• Digital clock
• Digital stopwatch
• Timer stop/start/reset buttons
• Radio/CD/MP3 & I-Pod
• Electrical standby plugs:
– 3 off 2 x 4 UPS double pole switch sockets
– 1 off 2 x 4 Standby switch socket
• Standby gasses:
– 1 off Oxygen
– 1 off Vacuum
– 1 off Medical air (LP)
• 1 off Nitrous Oxide
• Electrical alarm system with mute facility
• Gas alarm system with mute facility
• 1 off Switch panel with the following:
– Theatre lights
– Calp lights
– Emergency call
– Soiled linen call
– Telephone Socket
– Recessed facility to mount flat screen monitors etc.


  • To provide services and alarms in operating theatre.


  • Press formed in one flush mounted fibre glass panel.
  • Sealed off from the operating side for sterility purposes.
  • Easy access for maintenance from outside the operating theatre.
  • Maintenance can be performed during surgery under certain circumstances.
  • All gas outlets are fitted with built-in non-return valves which allows for uninterrupted maintenance (SABS approved).
  • All electrical gear is pre-wired with a Certificate of Compliance (SANS0142).
  • The panel fits into a pre-manufactured dedicated frame which is built into the wall.

Cleaning: To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine based chemical.

For installation details, please contact Medical Innovations on +27 (0)21 851 8484