Vertical service panel E

To provide medical and nursing services at the head of the bed.


Code: 88-05-00A

A wall mounted fibre glass shell, with the following services: 2 off Vacuum outlets, 1 off Medical air outlet (LP), 1 off Nitrous oxide outlet, 2 off Oxygen outlets, 2 off T-tracks with 2 off 100mm standard Gabler rails, 18 off 2 x 4 PVC boxes only for data and switch sockets, nurse call, light switch. (To be supplied by customer or on request by MI).


  • Can serve two patients depending on the configuration required.
  • Easily accessible for maintenance and nursing staff.
  • Combination of standard services can change according to customer specification.
  • All gas outlets are pre-piped.
  • All gas outlets are fitted with built-in non-return valves which allows for uninterrupted maintenance (SABS approved).
  • Medical devices can be mounted to the T-track and Gabler rail.

Recommended for: Emergency Centre (Resuscitation), Cathlab, Endoscopy (Scope Room)

Cleaning: To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine based chemical.

For installation details, please contact Medical Innovations on +27 (0)21 851 8484